10 Reasons Big Brother Naija is truly a Nigerian show


It is no longer news that the return of lifestyle reality show, Big Brother Nigeria,  rechristened Big Brother Naija, is being hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Many have asked; how patriotic is a Nigerian show held in another country? Reasons have been given by promoters of the show on why it is economically wise to record the show from a long time purpose-built facility, given the poor infrastructures in Nigeria and the epileptic power supply that leaves organisers at the mercy of power generating sets and expensive diesel.

Here are 10 reasons why, despite odds, hosting the show from Johannesburg does not make it less a Nigerian event.

  1. The twelve housemates are Nigerians selected from the six geo-political zones.
  2. The popular Big Brother Voice is that of a Nigerian.
  3. Series Director, Gbenga Kayode is a Nigerian and Nigeria-trained.
  4. Head of content and about nine other members of his team are Nigerians.
  5. Title sponsor, Payporte is a Nigerian online retail company.
  6. Foods, drinks, fabrics, decors, props are largely from Nigeria.
  7. English, pidgin, and other Nigerian languages are permitted in the show.
  8. Nigeria’s major language interpreters have been engaged on the show
  9. Winner’s monetary prize of 25 million is in Naira
  10. Show is reaching more subscribers in Nigeria with the inclusion of GOtv channel.

Source: The Nations


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