3 Reasons Most Nigerian Artistes Fail To Impress On An International Collaboration (No.3 Will Shock You)

Reasons Most Nigerian Artistes Fail To Impress On An International Collaboration

The Nigerian industry is arguably one of the best and biggest in the world with different talents and artistes.

We’ve probably got the afro-beats taking over the world with help from likes of DavidoWizkidBurna BoyYemi AladeTiwa Savage and many more.

Top artiste here (in Nigeria) often go abroad exploring international music and doing features with foreign acts. Most of these collaborations don’t get massive airplay and attention from music lovers, What might be the cause?

Here at SeeNowTV, we take a quick run-down on what are the major causes of below-par music content from our act whenever they try going International.

1. They Put Up A Collaboration With Who’s Available (The Foreign Act ) Not Desired

We would all agree that most international collaboration doesn’t actually get planned or fixed.

Most Nigerian artiste (not all) are opportune to get an international feature either when they are the rave of the moment, when they travel abroad for their own concerts or when they are opportune to meet the foreign act.

Imagine Zlatan meeting with Quavo by Davido’s influence. Although opportunity comes but once. So Quavo happens to jump on a song with Zlatan.

Questions would pop up like is it really happening? what would be the outcome of the song? Afro beats or reggae e.t.c.

Such collaborations turn out to flop not because the artistes working on it are not talented, it either might not match their taste of music or it was recorded at a wrong time paying less attention to the track and recording it in the manner of a freestyle.

2. Hype Over Effort

The period of time the track is about to be recorded, most artistes focus on the promotion and not the song simply because it has a foreign artiste on it.

I’m not saying promotion is not needed but you don’t have to push it so far and neglect hard work. The shocking truth is that if the music itself is actually a flop, promotion dies.

3. Regular Use Of Afro-Beats

Most Nigerian artistes get to use afro sound always on an international track as a manner of promoting our main music genre (Afropop) around the world.

Despite the fact that Afropop is melodious most foreign acts find it difficult to blend with it and record the track in any manner because it isn’t a genre they are used to.

As a talented artist, you have to be versatile and dynamic when it comes to collaborations. You have to take a form that will suit your targeted fans.

If you’re collaborating with an International, it’s very clear you are trying to amass international fan, so please don’t contaminate the featured act style, try blend with theirs and make a good song.

Credit:- Fuad Ashiru Olasunkanmi


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