#BBNaija: Housemates get squard name, song, wage


Within minutes of being announced as the new head of house, Captain Efe was summoned into the diary room by Big Brother to receive the wager brief for the week.

Captain Efe was instructed by Big Brother that there seemed to be some tensions in the house and the task performed earlier was meant to be an ice breaker which he wasn’t sure achieved that objective.

Big Brother gave Efe the Brief with the theme of the week being BONDING!

Captain Efe is to instruct the housemates to collectively come up with a name for the squad as they will be faced with several challenges that will put their unity to test as a squad. They will also wager a percentage of their weekly shopping BB Naira allocations to the success of this task.


Names like BBN Titans, Sea Rangers, Power Squad, BBN Gladiators and The Gobbes were debated and a consensus was reached; the squad shall be called D’UNBREAKABLE TITANS. The housemates embraced their new squad name and even created a war cry befitting the name.

In addition, Captain Efe’s secret task by Big Brother includes to motivate the squad and help keep their spirits High at all times till a presentation is held at the end of the week during which Efe must get voluntary commendations from housemates.







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