“Being Versatile Kills Artistes Creativity” – Simi


The R&B singer, song composer and performer Simi took to her twitter handle to share how being versatile affects artistes creativity and branding.

She highlights how the audience and music pundits pressurize artistes to deviate from their sounds.

Read what she said below:-

“I think one of the most trying things Naija artistes deal with is that we’re mostly catering to the same audience. We don’t want to have to, but the structure of the industry makes it inevitable. We expect the same people to like Rap, street music, soul, pop, indie. It’s strange.

“Strange for the audience cos they keeping fucking around with ur preference. You expect everyone to please you. Zlatan and Johnny Drille. Strange for the artist cos they keep fucking around with ur creativity. You expect everybody to like your music. A waste of time.

“So when I see someone tell an artist “you’re monotonous”, it amuses me. Most of the legends are monotonous. Unless they don’t have a sound. Imagine Fela doing hiphop today and RnB tomorrow. lol. Or Whitney Houston – Soul today, akpala tomorrow.

“It’s why I take very few “music pundits” seriously. lol. But I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault. It is what it is. So we learn to be versatile. Because it serves us. Right now, it serves us. The game is the game. But at least, know that it’s game.”


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