Full Biography of Dr. Dre: Net Worth, Kids, Wives, and Facts

Full Biography of Dr. Dre: Net Worth, Kids, Wives, and Facts

This article aims to expose you to the life history of American greatest rapper; the biography of Dr. Dre including his net worth, wives, children, and facts.

Dr. Dre who bears Andre Romelle officially is a professional and award-winning rapper, hip-hop artist, actor, songwriter, and producer. The 54-year-old rapper has 6 children from different mothers.

Read on to find more information and interesting facts about the biography of Dr. Dre.

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Early Life and Education

The biography of Dr. Dre started when he was given birth to 54 years ago. Andre Romelle Young with the stage name Dr. Dre was given birth by two couples on the 18th of February, 1965 in Compton, California. Dr. Dre got his middle name “Romelle” from his father’s R&B group. His father’s name is Theodore Young while the mother bears Verna Young.

He was the only son of the two couples even though he has many step-brothers and sisters. This is because his parents got separated and his mother got married twice to other men. He has step-brothers and sisters including Warren Graffiti (who he later mentored on music production), Shameka, and the late Gerome and Tyree.

Dr. Dre who bears Andre Ramelle Young officially attended Vanguard Junior High School in New York City for a short period. He later changed to Roosevelt Junior High School where he completed his high school education. This was to ensure safety and protect him from gangsters’ violence.

After finishing high school, Dr. Dre as popularly called by fans attended Chester Adult School after so much pressure from his mother. This is was in order for him to get at least a good job. He later dropped out of school to face his music career.

His Music and Acting Career

Dr. Dre started as a DJ rapper in a night club with Yella after joining World Class Wreckin’cru in 1985. He released a gang star rap song during his stay with the gangsta rap group N.W.A.

Dr. Dre Performance
Vulture Dr. Dre Performs With N.W.A at Coachella

He left to join the Death Row Records and also released his debut album titled The Chronic in 1992. The album alone made his fame rose like a wildfire. It also earned him an award with the tag of best-selling music in America in the ’90s.

In 1996, Dr. Dre left the Death Records to start his own music label which he named Aftermath Entertainment. He went ahead to sign music artists like Eminem in 1998, 50 cents in 2002 and so many others. He has also impacted and collaborated with many music stars including Ice Cube, Mary J. Bling, Snoop Dogg and so many others. Dr. Dre is known for many hit songs in Hip-Hop, Gang star rap, and G-flunk.

Apart from being a legendary music Icon, Dr. Dre is an astute actor with many award-winning movies. His debut movie Set It off where he acted as a weapon dealer was released in 1996. He has also been featured in many movies since then including The Wash which was released in 2001, training day and so many others.

Dr. Dre Family life and Personality

A core part of Dr. Dre’s bio is his lifestyle and personality. It doesn’t come as a surprise when Dr. Dre is described as a perfectionist and talented when it comes to producing music and beats. It explains how he is able to achieve so much success with his music career.

Dr. Dre and Wife

Dr. Dre like most music stars has dated and being in a relationship with many women. He has 6 children from different women he married or had an affair with.

Dr. Dre first son was given birth to from his relationship with his high school lover Cassandra Joy Greene in 1980. Curtis who was the product of the relationship was later raised by his mother and get to know his father after growing up.

In 1983, he had another child named La Tarya Damelle Young with Lisa Johnson during their loving period. In 1986, he also had an affair with Jenita Porta which produced a son; Late Andrew Young Jr. Jenita raised late Andrew singlehandedly after she sued Dr. Dre for survival and support funds. Unfortunately, Andrew died later from the overdose usage of hard drugs like Heroine.

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In 1988, he also dated another popular singer; Michel’le who gave birth to Marcel in 1990. Unfortunately, their relationship ends abruptly in 1996.

Most of Dr. Dre’s relationship ended because of physical violence and abuse. Dr. Dre has been in the news for this, times without number. His violence against women particularly those in his life can not go unnoticed. He was fined many times without number.

He was charged in court for assaulting a Tv host; Dee Barnes. He was found guilty and had to pay for a fine of $2500 with 2 years of probation with 240 community service and hard labor.

One of his ex; Lisa Johnson also got a restraining order against him for always beating her even when she was pregnant. A label mate; Taire B. also reported the same in 1990 as she claimed she was assaulted by him.

Despite his bad behavior; assaulting and battering women, Dr. Dre was known as a philanthropist who cares about the younger generation. He made the news in 2013 when he partnered with Jimmy Iovine by donating $70 million to construct USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation.

A few years later, he also donated $10 million for the construction of arts center of Campton High School.

Businesses and Properties

Dr. Dre is also a vibrant entrepreneur apart from being an actor, award-winning rapper, and actor. He releases his brand of headphones in 2008 in the month of July. Another set of gadgets HP Everly Laptop was also released on October 22 which sold massively.

He later sold his business to Apple, a technology giant company for a whopping sum of $3billion. This increases his net worth so much that he is richer than his main contender in the hip-hop music genre industry; P’Diddy. He later bought an apartment worth $140 million from its former owner.

Dr. Dre Songs and Music Album

Here’s the full list of songs released from his first debut album to the latest song.

His 4 Abulms includes;

  • The Chronic in1992
  • 2001 in 1999
  • 2001:The Instrumentals Only in 1999
  • Compton in 2015

Single Songs includes;

  • Deep Cover in 1992
  • Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang in 1992
  • Dre Day in 1993
  • Let Me Ride in 1993
  • Natural Born Killaz in 1994 featuring Dr. Dre & Ice Cube / Tha Dogg Pound
  • Keep Their Heads Ringin’ / Take a Hit in 1995 featuring Dr. Dre / Mack 10
  • Fuck You / Xxplosive in 1999
  • The Next Episode in 1999
  • Still D.R.E. in 1999
  • The Watcher in 2000
  • Forgot About Dre in 2000
  • Bad Intentions in 2001
  • Kush in 2010
  • I Need a Doctor in 2011
  • Back to Business in 2016
  • Dretox in 2005
  • Detox Is Coming in 2010
  • Dope Beat: The Roadium Swap Meet Mixes in 2017
  • In Effect: The Roadium Swap Meet Mixes in 2017

Awards and Recognition

The biography of Dr. Dre won’t be completed without mentioning his awards and recognition he received from his music and films. Below is the full list of Dr. Dre’s awards.

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Grammy Awards:

  • In 1994, he won Best Rap Solo Performance for Let Me Ride
  • Best Rap Album for the album The Marshall Mathers LP (2001)
  • Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for Forgot About Dre
  • Producer of the year
  • In 2010, won the Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for the song Crack a Bottle.

Maverick Movie Awards

  • In 2012, Maverick Movie Award for both Best Soundtrack in the Uprising: the Hip Hop & the LA Riots

MTV Video Music Awards (VMA)

  • In 1995, VMA Best Rap Video for Keep Their Heads Ringin by Dr. Dre
  • In 2000, VMA Best Rap Video for Dr. Dre Feat. Eminem & Hittman: Forgot About Dre

Soul Train Awards

  • In 1997; Soul Train Award for the Best R&B/Soul Single – Group, Band, or Duo

Dr. Dre’s Net Worth

He is currently one of the richest American rappers. According to Forbes, taking into account his numerous earnings from movies, music, and other investments, Dr. Dre’s net worth is estimated to be $800 million.

Dr. Dre is rich and lives in affluence like every other celebrity.

What other information do you think we need to add about the biography of Dr. Dre? Share with us, let’s learn together.



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