Burna Boy refunds ‘boring’ fan, Nigerians react

Burna Boy

Afro-fusion star, Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy has garnered controversy after he refunded the ticket of a fan he described as boring.

The incident happened during the Atlanta stop of his ‘African Giant’ tour on Tuesday.

While Burna Boy was performing, he noticed a fan standing in front standing still and not swaying to the music.

He took a break from the energetic performance and called out the fan.

Burna Boy went on to refund the hundred dollars ticket price to the fan.

He also asked a bouncer to escort the fan out of the venue saying, “Your face is not encouraging.”

Burna Boy reportedly called the fan on stage to dance with him and apologised for his actions.

The event, recorded in a now-viral video, has generated mixed reactions from fans of the ‘Anybody’ singer.

While some applauded Burna Boy for correcting the negative vibe the fan put out, others chided the singer for humiliating a fan who came to enjoy the show.

@Chukwufunayam said, “It’s okay to humiliate a human being because it’s Burna Boy ? That’s poor showmanship but what do I know.”

@Zaddy_nomso tweeted, “Not necessary tho, some people might not want to dance as they don’t know how to.

“But they paid and want to see him Perform. Not everyone will dance at your show, you just ignore and focus on the good energy from others.”

@Kolatoye said, “This is funny really . I feel,as a performer, people pay to watch you perform .People don’t pay to come and encourage or give you any kind of energy.

“If you are lucky and blessed to have fans that light up your fire and fan your flame beautiful otherwise focus on your performance.”

@Dhlamini said, “I’d be so embarrassed if I was the guy but at the same, how can you not dance to Burna boy’s music?”

Burna Boy is currently on a tour tagged ‘African Giant’, the same name as his epic 19-track album.


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