Cars45 gives boost to Reality Tv Show


CARS45 has announced the signing of an agreement to support the nation’s number one premium car television show, Cars and Stars. The partnership seeks to promote the appreciation and culture of car review shows in Nigeria and empower viewers with the knowledge of all things automotive.

Cars and Stars, which is currently in its second season, provides viewers with an informative and entertaining experience via reviews focused on the new and used car industries, exciting celebrity interviews, as well as local and international auto industry news updates.

Vice President, Consumer-to-Business services, Cars45, Mayokun Fadeyibi, described the partnership as a commitment from Car45 to continue to deepen value creation and reinforce its position as a market-maker within Nigeria’s automotive industry.

“At Cars45, we believe in empowering consumers with the knowledge that enables them make informed-buying decision when making automotive purchases. Cars and Stars provides us with a pulpit to extend this value and give Nigeria’s automotive industry the well-needed boost in a fun, relaxed and entertaining way,” Fadeyibi said

Vice President, Consumer-to-Business Services, Cars45, Mayokun Fadeyibi, and Executive Producer, Cars and Stars, Taiwo Onalaja, signed the partnership agreement on behalf of their respective organisations.

It will be recalled that only a few months ago, Cars45 powered the launch of #FaajiFriday by actor-comedian, EmmaOhMyGod, and recently released two mouth-watering television commercials, which have been aired on BigBrotherNaija reality show.


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