Celebs rally for Emma Ugolee’s ‘A 100 Random Light Bulbs’


Celebrities have been calling on OAP Emma Ugolee as support for his new book titled:  ‘A 100 Random Light Bulbs’.

Ugolee, who said he never requested for a repost of his post after the books were delivered, said he was overwhelmed by the number of celebrities who have called for their copies.

“So, these words are indeed true. Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will be stationed in the presence of kings”…Prov 21:29.

‘’So, first it was the king @official2baba taking very personal the marketing of this piece of work called “A 100 random light bulbs” a collection of musings by Emma Ugolee

‘’Then the king of Comedy @alibabagcfr takes yet another royal swing at its projection.’’’

According to the conversation, Ali Baba requested for 50 copies of the book with payment already made.

“Absolutely overwhelmed at the pace at which I am receiving requests plus the bonus of the kindest words of commendation ever. And we haven’t even begun to make official noise about it yet. Wow!

‘A 100 Random Light Bulbs’ is a collection of the best of musings by Emma Ugolee and   first of the series.

“If I had my way, you’ll all get a free copy but the funds we hope to raise with these are much needed. So, pardon that there are no free copies,” he pleaded.

Supporting the course, 2Baba writes: “A 100 RANDOM LIGHT BULBS by @emmaugolee coming your way. Can’t wait for my copies. This is some real light bulbs.

‘’If no fit get brain from here again then na only gbakonuaga go save u. Well done brov.”


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