Charly Boy leads walk against cancer


As part of activities to mark this year’s World Cancer Day, Let’s Kill It, a non-governmental organisation last Saturday, organised a 5km walk to campaign against the dreaded disease.
The walk which was led by musician and television producer Charly Boy had about 70 participants walking around some streets of Lagos Island. Dancing energetically throughout the march, founder of Let’s Kill It, Tinuke Lawal Sanusi, who is a film editor and also a breast cancer survivor said the aim of the foundation is ‘to create awareness, advocacy, education, motivation, inspiration and support’ relating to cancer.

Playing music from loud speakers mounted on trucks, the 5km walk which took about one and half hours had participants marching and dancing, turning from Freed Park into Broad Street and walking down its entire length to Apongbon before turning into Marina and walking down to the NET building and turning back to Broad Street and Freedom Park.

On why he is taking part in the walk, Charly Boy had earlier stated that ever since his friend, Tina Onwudiwe, died as a result of cancer, he has always been speaking out against the dreaded disease.

“We need to fight that fight to a standstill,” Charly Boy said, referring to the fight against cancer.

Reiterating the need for government participation in fighting cancer, Tinuke Lawal-Sanusi, who said she was fortunate to be a survivor as she only started treatment in 2016, two years after being diagnosed of breast cancer in 2014.

“I believe that with the right support from the right organisations, government and philanthropists, we can put these things in place and make life easier for everybody,” she had said.

Cancer is a scourge all over the world and lots of other countries are prepared to fight it. Nigeria is the least prepared to fight cancer. Our doctors are really trying but unfortunately, there is nothing for them to work with. After going through all that and with the grace that God gave to me to survive, I couldn’t keep quiet.”


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