Davido Vs Wizkid, Who Do You Think Is A Born Talent And Who Is A Product Of Hard work? (Best Explanation Wins)


Davido and Wizkid happen to be 2 of the best 5 artistes Nigeria has produced in the last 10 years. Do the math for the other 3.

The record level of professionalism, experience, commitment, and positive results, this duo have set in the past years seems to be unbroken.

Talent is a divine gift though but on a must serious note, hard work beats talent if talent does not work hard.

Wizkid and Davido‘s musical careers can be likened to that of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s football careers. One is a born talent while the other had to work his way to greatness.

Let’s skip writing long epistles about their various achievements because we are all aware of how they started and how they have managed to make it this far.

So Guys, the bone of contention here is that either Wizkid and Davido are Born Talent or A Product of Hard Work.

So we are putting the question back to you 👇

Who Do You Think Is The Real Product Of Hard Work And Who Is The Born Talent Between Wizkid And Davido?

Let’s have your say on this

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