Dayo Ayodele lauds Nigerian music


US base musician and founder of Afro-Indie band, Afrosonic, Dayo Ayodele has lauded the Nigerian music and movie industries for grabbing attention and fast taking their place on the global stage.

According to Ayodele who recently breezed into the country, many Nigerian artistes are doing things out there that are interesting producers and promoters around the world.

“Naija hiphop called ‘Afrobeats’ is being played in clubs and radio stations all over and the iconic status of Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti has inspired many productions including the popular Broadway production, ‘FELA’! The legend’s music is also being studied and performed by many bands internationally. It’s a big deal. Felabration is not only being celebrated in Nigeria but globally” he enthused.

He revealed that although his parents wanted him to study medicine, he learned African drumming from his grandmother at the Apostolic Church services he attended as a boy.

He went to America to study film, taking classes at Columbia College Hollywood and USC.

After graduation, he worked as an editor and production assistant and also exported American albums to England for Liverpool-based independent label, ‘3 Beat Records’. He then moved to Idaho from California in 2004.

On what inspired his forming the Afrosonics he responded; “As a child way back here at home in Nigeria, I saw a Coca-Cola commercial that played a lot on TV that spoke about teaching the world how to sing in perfect harmony.”

After he had moved to Boise, Idaho, Dayo drew on that idea to start Global Lounge, a non-profit organization that seeks both to foster cultural awareness and to help refugees and immigrants acclimate to life in the US. He also brings that spirit to Afrosonics, which combines African music with funk and jazz.


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