Full Biography of Drake and Net Worth: Age, Family, Awards, Songs & Album

Full Biography of Drake and Net Worth

This article contains the full biography of Drake; the life history of the multi-award-winning Canadian rapper including his net worth, age, family background, and other personal details.

Aubrey Drake Graham who is popularly called Drake is a multi-grammy award-winning rapper, singer, actor, record producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Drake is the father of Adonis, his son given birth to by Sophie Brussaux.

Continue reading the biography of Drake and net worth to find more interesting facts about the famous rapper and singer.

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Full Biography of Drake and Net Worth 2020 Updated

Below is all you need to know about the famous artist, check out Drake’s early life and background, Drake’s acting career, Drake’s music career, Drake’s albums and songs, Drakes endorsement and investments deals, Drakes personal life and relationships, controversies, his awards and recognitions and finally Drake’s net worth.

Early Life and Background

Aubrey Drake Graham was born on October, 24th of 1986 in Ontario, Toronto in Canada. Drake as he is popularly called by fans has dual citizenship; that of Canada with US citizenship. His parents; Dennis Graham(father) is a drummer for a music icon; Jerry Lee Lewis and Sandra Graham(mother) is an English teacher and a florist.

Drake’s father is an African American with deep-rooted Catholic beliefs while his mother is a Jewish Canadian. They all live in Toronto until his parents got separated when Drake was 5 years old. His mother stayed in the city while his father traveled back to Memphis in the US.

Even though his father tried to spend time with him by bringing Drake from Toronto to Memphis to spend the summer with him. Dennis Graham; Drake’s father later got arrested on the counts of drug-related charges. He however remains in the US after until Drake becomes a grown-up. Drake will be 33 years old on the 24th of October, 2020.

Educational Background

An early part of the biography of Drake is his educational background. This is the period he lives with his mother in Weston Road City, a neighborhood in Toronto. Until he graduated from Grade 6 when he moved to Forest Hills to attend Forest Hills Collegiate Institute.

Drake Life Story

It was in this school that his love for arts shows as he performed his first acting. He later transferred to Vaughan Road Academy in Oakwoods where he faced serious bully and discrimination from mates because of his biracial background.

He later dropped out of school to pursue his acting passion before venturing into music. In October 2012, he graduated from school after going back to finished his schooling.

Drake’s Acting Career

In 2001, Drake started acting in the Canadian Teen TV drama show after a high school mate and friend introduced him to his father who was an acting agent. The father was the one who got Drake a role in Degrassi; The Next Generation TV series.

Drake appears and acts in over 100 series of the show which helps him and his mother who was sick and broke at that period, financially. He partakes in the TV series until 2008 when he abandoned acting for music.

Some of the movies he has featured in include; Charlie Bartlett, Mookie’s Law, Breakaway, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Ice Age: Continental Drift, and Think Like a Man Too.

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Musical Career

Drake has got a little recognition as an actor in the Canadian TV series show started the production of his music mixtapes. He released Comeback Season as his first debut album with a hit single “Replacement Gut” in it.

After selling a lot and getting little fame from the mixtape, he proceeded to release another mixtape which he titled “So Far Gone”. During this period, Drake wasn’t signed to any label, he was singing under his signature; “October’s Very Own” label which he later abbreviated to OVO. “So Far Gone” made a hit with huge success that Drake became a bidding war for labels.

He later got signed to Young Money Entertainment where he released his debut studio album in 2010 titled “Thank Me Later”. This album is also a hits as it remains on top chart of US Billboard 200. Since then he has produced many award-winning and hit albums from “Take Care” in 2011 to “Nothing Was Gone” in 2013 to “Views” in 2016.

The Views is one of his highest achievements so far, topping the Billboard chart for more than 13 weeks which is rare. Drake made millions of dollars from selling his music albums and video songs.

He also collaborated with many top artists including Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, P Diddy and so many others.

Albums & Song

Drake has released albums with many songs since his first debut album studio. Below is his list of albums and songs.

Drake’s Albums

  • Thank Me Later released in2010
  • Take Care released in 2011
  • Nothing Was the Same in 2013
  • Views in 2016
  • Scorpion in 2018
  • Drake Songs

His songs include;

  • 10 Bands
  • 305 to My City
  • 5 AM In Toronto
  • 6 God
  • 6 Man
  • 6 PM in New York
  • 8 out of 10
  • 9
  • All Me
  • Back to Back
  • Behind Barz
  • Best I Ever Had
  • Blem
  • Blue Tint
  • Buried Alive Interlude
  • Cameras/Good Ones Go
  • Can I
  • Can’t Take a Joke
  • Cece’s Interlude
  • Charged Up
  • Child’s Play
  • Club Paradise
  • Connect
  • Controlla
  • Crew Love
  • Days in the East
  • Diplomatic Immunity
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Doing It Wrong
  • Don’t Matter to Me

Endorsement and Investment Deals

Drake is one of the most talented and wealthiest rappers in the world. Being Drake, he had no difficulty in bargaining deals with top brands. He was made the Global Ambassador for the Toronto Raptors team making him an automatic executive committee of the NBA franchise. He also got appointed by Apple Inc. The figurehead is 2018 and also from Dreamcrew.

Apart from those multi-million deals, he also made worthwhile investments including a partnering deal with Virginia Black (a multi-million dollar bourbon-based whiskey company) and buying 1000 thieves in 2018. He also owns a clothing line under his signature OVO where he sells clothes, sweat pants, hoodies, and other men’s clothing.

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Personal Lifestyle and Relationship

Drake has been in the news for dating a top talented female musician; Rihanna as far back as 2009. They had an on and off relationship till 2016 when they break up. He also dated many women apart from Rihanna ranging from Bria Myles, Cat Washington, Teyana Taylor, Melilah Michel, Ericka Lee, Delicia Bryan, and Zoe Kravitz.

He also had a child named Adonis, who was born on October 11th, 2017 with an Ex-model, and French painter; Sophie Brussaux. Even though it first lingers on as a rumor but it was confirmed by Drake later in one of his albums.


Another interesting part of the biography of Drake is the controversies he has been in. Like every other music stars and celebrities, Drake has been in the news for many Not-so-good reasons.

Talking about feud and fights, Drake has received and exchange punches with many rappers and musicians including the popular P’Diddy, Jay Z, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Meek Mills, Eminem, 40, Nicki Minaj and so many others. Even though he had a heated argument with many of these musicians but it was later resolved.

On May, 31st in 2009, he was also robbed by two men at a gunpoint in Toronto, where he lost Golds, a Diamond necklace, an expensive Mans Piquet Watch, and even $2000. The two men who were later arrested for allegedly carrying out the robbery were sent to 6 months jail after the charges were dropped.

Erica lee, a songwriter and ex-girlfriend also filed a lawsuit against Drake for using her voice on his video song. They later settled it out of court intervention in February 2013.

In 2016, a nightclub in Oaklahoma city was shut down because of Drake’s excess use of illegal drugs like Marijuana and so on.

Awards and Recognition

Drakes Awards and Recognition

Drake is an award-winning rapper from different brands. He has his shelf filled with awards from top brands. Some of his awards include;

  • 5 American Music Awards (2016-2017)
  • 12 BET Awards (2010-2016)
  • 15 BET Hip Hop Awards(2009-2016)
  • 3 Grammy Awards (2013-2017)
  • 2 MOBO Awards (2015-2016)
  • 15 Billboard Music Awards (2016-2018)
  • BRIT Award (2017)
  • 6 Juno Awards (2010-2016)
  • Hal David Starlight Award (2011)
  • NAACP Image Award (2012)
  • 3 MTV Video Music Awards (2012-2016)

Drake’s Net Worth

Without mentioning Drake’s net worth, the biography of Drake won’t be completed. Drake has a house in the Hidden Hills worth $4.5 million and another $100 million estates called Embassy estate in Toronto. He also owns a condo in Toronto and also a Boeing 767 airplane.

Taken into consideration his earnings, assets, investment, and deals, Forbes estimated Drake’s net worth to be $150 million.

These are all the important information you need to know on the biography of Drake and his net worth. Do you think we are missing anything, or is there any contribution you wish to add to this? kindly make use of the comment box.


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