How to be a Columnist with SeenowTV

Columnists will be responsible for producing written material for SeenowTV. Columnists share information of public interest as well as their personal opinions with their readers.

Columnist Job Description

  • Research recent events within chosen specialty
  • Interview people of interest pertaining to their article
  • Perform fact-checking
  • Compose article that is enjoyable and complies with journalism ethics and laws
  • Compose articles which are captivating and appeal to a large group of people
  • They can promote their own brand and believe on SeenowTV, because what ever they publish is associated with thier names.

Importance of being a Columnists with Seenowtv
SeenowTV will help you build a brand, remember developing a reputable blog/news website with a mobile app (Android & IOS) with millions of Visitors weekly is very expensive and sometimes it will take up to two years for your blog/website to get known online.

But this is a an Entertainment News website who is providing you a free opportunity to push your brand to the world.

if you wish to apply to be a columnist please send a mail to with Title “Application to be a Columnists with SeenowTV” and provide the necessary information

  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Full Address
  4. Username to be used on SeenowTV
  5. Password to be used on SeenowTV
  6. Prefered Display Name
  7. Phone Number
  8. a copy of means of identity

Please also send us a short description about yourself and if possible links or attachment of some of the articles you have published previously.