”I am Celibate” – Khafi Insists She Did Not Sleep With Gedoni


Reality TV star, Khafi has reiterated her stance that she and Gedoni didn’t have sex during the reality TV show.

Khafi she stated that though they both went under the duvet, nothing like intercourse happened.

According to her, ”I’m celibate, it was very shocking to me when I came out of the house. I and Gedoni didn’t have intercourse. I know what happened under the duvet “I no do, I no do.”

In a recent interview, Khafi revealed how she felt when she was around Gedoni.

“I felt such peace around him. I didn’t think I couldn’t be myself around him.

“We did not have sex. You know sex is a natural thing. If I did, I would actually say that’s what happened.

“I wouldn’t want to be given the penalisation or punishments for things I didn’t do,” she said.

She said:

“I just feel like in the house, everything is so intense so where you will get to in a relationship over three months seeing somebody and been on a date with them is like a week in the house.

“The intensity seeing everybody when you wake up and when you go to sleep. I think it was after the eviction in the first week, after we were almost up that’s when our bond really grew


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