I Am Proof That Success Cannot Be Boxed – Kaffy

I Am Proof That Success Cannot Be Boxed – Kaffy

Nigerian dancer and choreographer Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau known as Kaffy has said the creativity is a tool to empower Nigerians.

Kaffy who is celebrating her 20th year on stage said the creative sector can do this if the government and, individuals invest in it, as she revealed her desire to empower Nigerian youths using dance.

According to her, the sector which is the second largest employer of labour in Nigeria has not been given the needed attention, urging governments and corporate bodies to take it seriously.

“We need to focus on that sector as much as other sectors. Don’t think it is not serious,” she said, adding that “If empowered enough, it would do better and a great deal for the economy of the country.”

Also, she said she wants to use dancing and choreography to empower the younger generation, admitting that many Nigerian youths have not been given the platform to tap into opportunities in the creative sector.

She said: “I am one person that is taking an unlikely craft to prove to you that success cannot be boxed. Success is determined by the power that emanates from your mind.

“And how many young people in this country have been given opportunities to express or harness that power? Very few!”

Kaffy further explained that “Dance has that capability and I am here to use it as a tool to empower young minds in Nigeria and in Africa and empower the economy,” expressing optimism that she can “be scaled into the lives of many more people.”


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