I bought my dream home at 35- Toke Makinwa writes as she advises women to seek financial freedom

I bought my dream home at 35- Toke Makinwa

Media personality, Toke Makinwa, has taken to her social media page to pen an open letter to women advising them to seek financial freedom.

In her letter, Toke pointed out that it is nice to have help and even come from wealthy homes but it is important for women to start believing that wealth is not Gender-based.

Her words;

Dear woman, I see you, you rock.

Keep raising the bar, keep shattering the ceiling. Keep pushing that envelope.

Financial freedom is a ”must” for us women.

Being able to do for yourself certainly has to be the goal.

It’s nice to have help, it’s nice to come from wealth but it is important to raise women to believe that wealth is not gender based.

I am super proud of all the women out there steady building. I bought my dream home at 35. (not my first property) while there certainly isn’t an age cap, seeing young ladies doing it in their 20’s is such an inspiration. I love you all. Keep doing you.


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