I want an African passport as powerful as American passport, by Burna Boy


Music star Burna Boy has replied Aka and South Africans via his twitter social media platform.

This happened at the weekend after Burna boy announced his attendance of the “‘African Unite event scheduled to hold in SA. “The first of many,” Burna Boy said.

“Part of the proceeds will be donated to the victims of xenophobic attacks by me! I really hope we can all keep contributing in our own way to make the world a better and safer place for each other. #Africansunite, it’s bigger than all of us.”

South African Rapper Aka had demanded an apology from Burna boy. This was after Burnaboy, who promised never to visit South Africa again, threatened him with violence.

Aka said: “Ek se … Burna Boy. All we want is an apology. We know SA is not perfect, but we took you in as our own before you reached these levels. You say you are an AFRICAN GIANT, prove it.”

The drama started in a series of tweets in September when Burna Boy urged black foreign nationals living in South Africa to defend and protect themselves against xenophobic attacks. In a now deleted tweet, he also told Aka to beef up his security, before giving him the middle finger.

Meanwhile, Aka tweeted things that stirred Burna Boy’s reaction. Fans had accused him of being xenophobic and Burna Boy warned the SA rapper to be fully protected the next time they happen to meet. Burna also vowed never to visit South Africa again.

Aka’s tweets came after the Tshwane Entertainment Collective expressed concerns over the Nigerian star performing in SA. The group had penned an open letter to the Minister of Sports, Arts, and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa.

After several threats from South Africans to Burna Boy not to show up for the concert, Burna Boy finally replied.

“Please my people, there should never be a South Africa vs Nigeria war or any African country vs African country war, Ever,” he tweeted.

“We must unite by any means for the future of our children and their children. I want a united African passport that will be as powerful as the American passport.

“Saying I misled people? That I made up the xenophobic attacks  and I should apologise. Really? In 2015, even I was a victim of the misguided hate. So, I know. Go and demand apologies from your real enemies. I am not your Enemy. I will not be called “foreigner” I am AFRICAN.

“Let’s not act like xenophobia is not real in South Africa; let’s not act like Nigerians, Tanzanians, Zimbabweans and many other African have not been victims in the last three years. Please, let us all do our part to unite Africa.”

Further replying to a hate speech from a South African, Burna said: “ I’m coming and you and anyone against have to kill me to stop me.”

‘We must unite by any means for the future of our children and their children. I want a united African passport that will be as powerful as the American passport’


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