Kaffy explains why her son joined her on stage while Tiwa Savage was performing live


– Award winning dancer Kaffy’s son stunned her when he came on stage while she and her team were choreographing Tiwa Savage’s song on a live stage

– The pretty dancer explains why Sean stormed a live performance

– The 5-year-old was the cynosure of all as he perfectly fits into the performance Celebrity Nigerian dancer, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh, popularly known as Kaffy was bombed on stage while performing to Tiwa Savage’s song by her five-year-old son, Sean, during the recently held Buckwyld ‘N’ Breathless concert at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The Guiness Book of World record holder dancer said her son’s entrance on stage was not a premeditated move. While Tiwa was performing, Sean joined his mother and other dancers on stage and the crowd couldn’t ignore the little boy’s mastery of the dance choreography. The queen of dance, as Kaffy is fondly referred to claim she didn’t plan to have her Sean on stage that night but that it was Tiwa that invited him to come on stage. This might be because he was with them during dance rehearsals toward the event with the singer in attendance.

She explained further that:

“I was proud of him. But it was not planned; I didn’t choose the occasion for him. He attended the show and it was something that he had done during rehearsals. Tiwa saw him in the crowd and asked him to come on stage. It was just a spontaneous incident. If I wanted him to perform, he would have come out on stage with us.”

Watch Sean’s dance moves during Tiwa Savage’s performance below:

She believes her son should do as he pleases, stressing that she will never force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do.

Though Sean has a dancer mummy and a drummer and singing daddy, the dance queen said though she hold rehearsals with her children, she is not going to force anyone of them to follow her footstep.

She said:

“It is early to have the mindset that he would pursue dancing as a career or not. I train children in my company and all the children usually go out to perform once in a while. So, dancing is part of them; it is not something that is new or should be taken beyond what it is. If your son performs well as a dancer during a play in school, does that automatically make him a dancer in the future? I think no. He is just having fun at the moment as a child. Whatever children do, our job as parents is to encourage them because we can never tell where it will take them to; and that is what I am doing. You’ve only seen the dance part of him; he is an amazing child who is doing well in school.” 


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