Kanye West Wife, Children, Age, Height- Famous Celebrity


Hi there, thank you for joining us today, we will be discussing about Kanye West, his wife, children, his age and other personal stuff that most people don’t know about him. Kanye west is a popular music artist known worldwide for his music talent and fashion design styles.

West has enjoyed a fruitful career since he began in the early 1990s. we will be discussing more of his personal life than his career in this career focusing on his wife, children, Age and other important facts that you need to know about him.

So, if you are wondering how tall West is? Who did he marry? Does he have any child? And many more questions, ensure you read through the article to the end to learn all you can about Kanye West.

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Kanye West Wife, Children, Age, Height- Famous Celebrity

As we begin our journey of unravelling the details of this American rapper and songwriter, below is a tidbit and quick highlight of his biography.

Full name: Kanye Omari West
Date of Birth: June 8, 1977
Age: 43 years
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A
Country of Origin: United State of America
Marital Status: Married since 2014
Spouse: Kim Kardashian
Children: Yes (4)
Occupation: Songwriter-Singer, Rapper, Fashion Designer and Producer
Occupation Period: 1996 till date
Net worth: $1.3 billion

West is a popular figure not just in the United States but in the world at large. His skills as a music artist, producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and reality television personality has announced him beyond the confinements of America and announced him to the world at large.

Kanye West is Born Kanye Omari West in Atlanta, Georgia in the 6th month of 1977. His father Ray west is a photojournalist and his mother Dr. Donda West was an English professor who lectures at the Clark Atlanta University.

West passion for art began at an early stage when he showed interest in poetry and writing. His parent divorced when Kanye was 3 years old, this must have been really unsettling for him.

Soon afterwards, West and his mother moved to Chicago where West was raised in a mid-classed setting and he attended the Polaris High School. His mother soon moved to China along with west where his mother taught at Nanjing University as part of an exchange program. They both relocated back to Chicago, USA after spending a year there. After high school, West was awarded a scholarship to Chicago’s Academy of American Art, after a short stay he transferred to Chicago State University to study English Literature.

All the while his music career was on the rise and his academic work seems to be a distraction. At the age of 20, West who said he was learning nothing made up his mind to drop out of college and focus full time on his music career.

West has created several legacies in the world of music which will be remembered for a long time to come. His immense contributions to the success of several other musicians who’ve dominated the hip-hop scene cannot be overlooked.

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Kanye West Wife

It is no news that Kanye West is married to Kim Kardashian West, a TV star, media personality, and influencer, also popular and well known worldwide especially for starring in “Keeping up with the Kardashians” reality TV show. That is none other than Kim Kardashian West. However, before he finally settled down with Kim Kardashian West, he was involved in other relationship which eventually did not lead to marriage.

West was in a relationship with Alexis Phifer. The relationship was not stable as the duo break up and reconcile several times. The relationship which began in 2002 led to an engagement in 2006 and it finally ended in 2008. He moved on and was involved with model Amber Rose from 2008 to 2010.

West and Kim Kardashian relationship began in 2012, shortly after her brief marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries was about to end with divorce proceeding ongoing. The duo took their relationship to another level on October 21, 2013, when they got engaged on her 33rd birthday.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye

West made his intention of marrying Kardashian known when he proposed to her at the AT&T baseball stadium in San Francisco, which he rented out for the occasion. The pair held their wedding rehearsal dinner at the renowned French landmark Versailles. The couple tied the knot on the 24th day of May 2014, at the Forte di Belvedere, a historic fortress, in Florence, Italy. Kim Kardashian West was walked down the aisle by Bruce, her former stepfather.  The wedding was graced by Andrea Bocelli, a famous vocalist who sang “Con te Partiro.”

The couple are perceived as Hollywood power couple continue and they continue to elicit attention from fans and the media.

Kanye West Children

If you are wondering whether the couple have any child(ren) yet, the answer is a big yes! West and his wife Kim Kardashian West have been married for 6 years now and counting and the couple are blessed with four children. The couple welcomed their first child North West (daughter) was born in June 2013. The duo welcomed their second child Saint West (son) was born in December, 2015. The couple’s third child Chicago West (daughter) was born in January, 2018 and the fourth child Psalm west (son) was born in May, 2019.

Kanye West Children

Kim Kardashian West gave birth herself to the first two children while the last two were born through surrogacy. This was attributed to Kim’s health and pregnancy complications which led to her doctors advising her not to get pregnant again.

Kanye West Family

Kanye West Age and Height

As of the time this article is compiled, Kanye West height is 5′ 8″ tall. At five-foot-eight, he is still six inches taller than his wife, Kim Kardashian whose height is measured to be 5.2 inches.

Age-wise West was born on the 8th day of June, 1977 meaning that his age as of the time this article is compiled is 43 years. We can say West is gradually approaching the senior citizen zone yet, he still remains relevant in the music industry despite his age.

In addition to his age and height, West has a body weight of 78 kg and a body type of that is on the Average. Meaning that he is not overweight and has an athletic body. More so, we can say West s physically healthy as of the time this article is compiled.

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Kanye West Net Worth

Okay, though we don’t want to dive into his net worth in this article but we think of including this a bit. Before stating his actual net worth in 2020, West makes income from his music with over 140 million of his albums sold. Also, his fashion ventures contribute immensely to his huge net worth especially his clothing line partnership with shoe making giants Nike and Adidas.

As of the time this article is compiled, West net worth is estimated to be $1.3 billion making him one of the richest musicians in the world as well as one of the wealthiest celebrities in the world presently.

Kanye West Religion

Kanye West believes in God and he is a Christian. He said he has received Jesus as his Savior. He justified his faith with the new and latest album “Jesus is King” released in 2019.

Kanye West Religion

Kanye West Awards and Achievements

West is one of the most decorated music artists who has won almost all the awards in the music industry. He has set many landmarks in the industry as well as won numerous awards chiefly is winning 21 Grammys out of 61 nominations.

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Conclusion on Kanye West Wife, Children, Age, Height- Famous Celebrity

We have come to the conclusion of our discussion having revealed the much we can about Kanye West Wife, Children, Age and other facts that will help inform you. West is currently one of the high profiled celebrity enjoying all the benefits that his acclaimed fame and fortune through hard work and consistency have brought for him over the years. More so, he is enjoying his marriage blessed with four children who are all hail and healthy. So, having seen that West has built for himself a successful career and raising a beautiful family, West has again proved that it is very possible to live the beautiful life that you want and dream of.

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