Lady exposes a cake vendor who wants to eat her boyfriend’s ‘cake’

Lady exposes a cake vendor who wants to eat her boyfriend’s ‘cake’

A Nigerian lady has taken to her social media page to expose a cake vendor who tried to steal her boyfriend after she’d delivered cake to the gentleman.

The cake vendor was straight with her intentions and she said she’s okay with the man being in a relationship, that she just wanted them to be together (and perhaps Bake some cakes).

Sharing screenshots of the whatsapp conversation, the lady wrote ;

This babe delivered cake to my man and she proceeds to ask him out. Or what am I reading ? I cant even breathe

See post below;

Some replies:

@PromiseUkay: There was this guy who asked my woman out after she made deliveries to him. They met a few couple of times and before I could know what was going on, bae told me she was already fund of him. Long late night calls and chats. I almost lost a 3yr relationship.

@Oyinkisablelips: You’re nice tho, this can’t be me mehn… I’d drop her phone number, drop her handle, drop her house address if needed. Like what nonsense.

@Judithblaq: Many babes are actually single to stupor and they are tired Face with tears of joy.

@piusawesome: I went to the hospital y’day..took a friend that was sick and made a transfer..the nurse insisted I drop my name and phone number incase they don’t get the alert…Saw a text this morning asking if I slept well and if I wish to have lunch with her.

@dah_zee: Thank God for your boyfriend.. some niggas will knack the girl delete the chat and tell you hes protecting you after all you sent the girl..Face with tears of joy.

@macabelee: Women sha..what is wrong in what this girl did now? She likes him, asked him’s only left for him to either accept or refuse. Guys ask girls(single or not) out anywhere, anytime, anyday, it’s not an issue but they ask your man out, it’s a problem. Refuse or Agree. Simple.

@Nwaihemadu: Because she’s a lady asking a guy out to dickmatise her y”all have deemed it to be abnormal, if it were the other way round, would you still call it desperate or love at first sight?

The boyfriend apparently sent the screenshot of the conversation with the cake vendor to his girlfriend;


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