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Police Arrest Tonto Dikeh In Dubai, Might Be Deported – Sources Gives Update


On Friday night (November 15th) at an event in a hotel in Dubai, Instagram drama queen Tonto got into an exchange of words with the security at the entrance and before anyone could say Jack, the brouhaha had escalated into one which involved the Police and arrests being made.

According to sources, Tonto arrived at the venue of the event and the security refused to allow her in while others walked pass her into the event

Tonto got upset and the sources who say she appeared high on something launched a verbal attack on the security guard and her two friends Timi and Bob shifted to the side when they could not stop her or control her.

She is quoted to have called the white security guard a ”Nigga” while yelling and cursing and asking him if he knows who she is………”Do you know who i am? Do you fvcking know who i am”

When it got out of hand the Police was called in and she was taken away.

Insiders are insinuating that she might be deported.

Hopefully not!!!

More details to come.

This Throwback Picture Of Actress Ini Edo Will Inspire You


Social media users have brought out an old picture of actress Ini Edo during her days in Akwa Ibom before the fame and money.

Ini Edo, a 37 year old divorcee came from a humble background to become one of the biggest personalities in Nigeria’s local industry.

Despite the politics and the limitations in the entertainment industry, Ini Edo kept her head up as she focused on the bigger picture.

Her old picture is bereft of the trendy clothes, jewellry, cars and foreign trips that we know her for today.

She began her film career in the year 2000, and has featured in more than 100 movies since her debut. In 2013, she was a judge for the Miss Black Africa UK Pageant. In 2014, Ms. Edo was appointed by the United Nations as a United Nations Habitat Youth Envoy.

No Romantic Relationship Between Tacha And I – Sir Dee


BBNaija duo, Tacha and Sir Dee landed a big sucker punch full on the faces of their social media fans and followers when they posted a picture they took together, locked in a warm embrace.

As expected the social media was alight with speculations and questions on whether the two Housemates are up to something, a little beyond being friends. But It appears it was all smoke and no fire as Sir Dee admitted in a private chat with Potpourri that there’s nothing romantic between them.

He said, “The idea is simple -friendship,” when asked what was the big idea behind the picture. “There’s nothing romantic whatsoever between us, it was just a show of friendship,” he added.

The Housemate laughed his head off when he was queried he wasn’t close to Tacha in the Big Brother’s and retorted that there is much we don’t know. The duo definitely has something for each as it was reflected in their separate posts on the Instagram Sir Dee had posted, “They say you choose your friends. Or they choose you.

But they forget that circumstances more often than not bring you together. And those circumstances mold the path you both take.

On this path we all have chosen, may light shine on our paths, and may fortune smile on us all, EVERYDAY! Thank you my #friendship for inviting me and giving such an awesome time! @symply_tacha”

And Tacha had returned the favour with a glowing words of hers. “Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life and said, I am here for you and proved it? Thank you @sirdee_da you’ve only and only been true.”



HAVING promised to share an unknown part of her life story, Nollywood actress, Padita Agu, put up a 25-minute Instagram video on Wednesday where she spoke on her three-year-old failed marriage.

The video which is also on YouTube had the title, “How I married my ex-husband the first day I met him.”

Padita narrated how she got married to her ex-husband the very first day they met after maintaining a long-distance relationship over the phone.

According to her, she met her ex-husband at a friend’s house. She had gone to the friend’s house to console her and this friend later called to tell her that the man who was in her house when she came visiting, was interested in her and wanted her number.

Padita who was in a relationship at the time, said she turned down her friend’s request to speak with the man. Her friend pressured her so much and she gave in to her friend’s request and decided to speak with the man. At the time they spoke, the man was living outside the country. After much communication via phone, they started to talk about marriage. It was in one of their many conversations that he sold her an idea that she says she regrets till date.

The actress revealed that the idea was for them to meet at a registry and get married immediately and if either realise they do not want it anymore, as quietly as they did it, they would just go and undo it.

Coming after the post, which she already pleaded not to be criticised but shown love, for she was naïve at that time said she was overwhelmed by the outpour of love and support from followers and colleagues.

“Wow!!! I am overwhelmed with love at your response, love and support. I mean I wanted it, but I wasn’t sure you’ll give it. This ordeal happened almost 15yrs ago and I have lived with it. I was so ashamed and embarrassed to talk about it, for fear of people calling me STUPID.

“But it hit me when I came across few out of many young ladies already in and about to dive into the same mistake I made, and then I realized my shame is not worth lives wasting. So I spoke up damning the backlash. But you all shocked me instead. The out pour of love and support.”

This has been the toughest year, says Annie Idibia


ANNIE Idibia who clocked age 35 on November 14, said the year has been the toughest so far.

Though the Nollywood actress and wife of music superstar, 2Baba, did not go into details, she appreciated her accomplishments in the year and noted that those has made it worth it.

“I am so grateful for this year!!! this has been one of the toughest year, but the grace and blessings makes the tough times easier… been through so much, as a Scorpio we usually choose what to share even when you think you know it all… gosh! I am 35!!!!

“Waking up to my dreams everyday… blessed with what used to be just wishes… I have a great career (very content). i have a great brand that brands constantly wanna associate with..(Grace).

“Blessed with more than a handful of endowments. to all the brands that found me worthy to rep them. Thank you to ones we are still talking, can’t wait to start a beautiful journey with you guys. Lord I am still married to the man of my dreams, and he still gives me shivers, blessed with 7 beautiful, intelligent outstanding kids! (grace).”

Africa’s first teen channel launches December 1st


The first indigenous television channel for teenagers in Africa is set to launch on December 1, 2019, in Lagos.

Called Teen Africa TV, the channel has filmmaker and author Charles Novia as founder and CEO.

According to Novia, “Teen Africa is a new and exciting niche television channel poised to be the first platform for Teenagers in the African Broadcast Space, running for 24 hours daily across African countries and targeting first line audiences of pre-teens, teenagers aged 13 to 19 and second base young adults and the family.”

On the content outlook and scope of TATV, he said: “Our programming has the best of original content in genres of talk shows, lifestyle, educational, entertainment and events.

“We are creating the biggest content library and resource for teenagers across Africa and we have the best of ORIGINAL content on the channel. TATV will also be online and our projections in the next two years is to launch in the United Kingdom on the B SKY B Bouquet, giving the Diaspora African Teens a taste of the pulsating values and creativity of the African Youth Experience. There’s nothing like this and we are building the biggest visual ecosystem of teens and young adults in Africa.”

He disclosed that, “on December 1, 2019, in a spectacular ceremony which has been tagged ‘The Biggest Teen Party in Africa’, TATV will have its official launch which will be attended by teens from across the country at the Balmoral Events Hall, Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos. The event will be transmitted live on terrestrial and satellite television and also streamed live online and already has teenagers excited at the thought of their own indigenous channel coming out soon.

“TATV will be on DSTV and Gotv and also online streaming platforms and is seen as the next big revolution in Nigeria’s media history. With the website, www.teenafrica.tv, getting daily hits and their social media platforms growing organically daily, TATV is set to be the most formidable platform for the African millennials.”

He noted that brands and media partners for the launch have already keyed into the prospects for the event with Heritage Bank as one of the strategic brand partners in the novel concept launch.

CHARLY BOY, FALZ comes for Nigerian Pastors


Popular entertainers, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa simply known Charly Boy and rapper FalztheBahdGuy, seem to be working on a track that criticizes Nigerian pastors.

The  ‘Area Fada’ as Charly Boy is fondly called, posted a picture of himself with hip hop artiste, Folarin Falana popularly known as FalztheBahdGuy on his Instagram page.

In the picture, Oputa and Falz were seen holding a cross, rosary and a bible with the caption: ‘Every age has its pseudo-problems created by its fake prophets and pseudo-philosophers. Fake Pastors Watch-out!’

A source however, revealed that the soon-to-be-released song is titled, ‘Fake Pastors.’

Over the years, some Nigerian pastors have come under attack with a radio presenter, Daddy Freeze, initiating Free the Sheeple Movement, criticising some pastors’ deeds.

It would be recalled that in 2018, Falz released a controversial song, ‘This Is Nigeria’, a cover version of American rapper Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America.’ The song – critical of corrupt politicians, places of worship and the security forces – soon drew the anger of some institutions, such as Nigeria’s Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC).

The lawyer-turned-musician also dropped a single, ‘Talk and Moral Instruction’, on his fourth album comprising nine tracks. The songs condemned politicians, corruption, police brutality, prostitution, social injustice and internet fraud.



Nollywood actress, Eniola Ajao, jettisoned her qualification as an accountant to pursue her dream in the movie industry. In this interview with ADENIYI ADEWOYIN, she speaks on her relationship with Adekola Odunlade, the challenges of actors in terms of money making, among other issues.

HOW has life been treating you and what have you been doing lately?

Life has been good. I’ve been into a lot of things. I’ve been doing good.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I have two projects that were shot this year. The first one is ‘Matron’ and then the second one is Okuta Ija which I just concluded few weeks ago. I have two projects coming out soon.

Tell us a little about Okuta Ija

Sexual harassment, abuse and all. There is a lady in the story who had a rough upbringing.  She was abused, molested and this made her grow up to become a tough lady and she used all she had in mind to revenge after some years so she became very notorious.

This doesn’t sound like the type of movies you do…

I think that is because of the character I played, story line and everything that’s around the technical parts of it. We actually shot it in Nigeria.  We used several locations, several beautiful places. And it’s kind of unusual to what I’ve been doing for a very long time.

Who are those that starred in the movie?

The likes of Yinka Quadri, Jide Kosoko, Sanni Ali, Odunlade Adekola, Madam Saje, Alesh, Nike Hamsat, and Olaniyan Tosin.

Most producers prefer big names in their movies. Why are you not encouraging new acts?

That’s the situation if you write a story and you know what you’re looking for – I mean those that would bring out the best out of that story. Then you should go for the best. If the story is more of elderly people, those that can interpret the role very well to my taste, I can’t help but go for them. And they did an excellent job.

I’ve seen your face more in Odunlade’s movies.  What’s the connection between you?

The relationship between my boss and I, Odunlade, is that of a boss and subordinate. I’ve known him for like over 10 years now. I’ve been in the industry for the past 16 years. I was somewhere before I went to school and came back to the industry,

 What are the challenges of being a movie producer?

It has not been easy. Let me say capital wise you know you have to source for money, source for people who will help you handle the jobs because you cannot do it alone. I will just say I am at the right place and in a good hand. Whenever I want to produce my job, my boss always gives me time which is always okay for me because I know he brings out the best out of the job. Basically, I’m not always in a rush to do anything. I’m just privileged to be under somebody that is helping me out.

 What is your first movie as a producer?

Daramola, that was my first production,

  What was the challenge and experience?

The experience was not good because it was my first-trying to source for money, trying to think of the character, thinking of how to pay the people on set, and their welfare. As a producer,  all the casts  and crew members are on your neck. So you just have to look out for their well-being.

 Were your parents in support of you being an actress?

No. Actually, my dad wanted me to be an accountant. So he was against it before he died. And I promised him that I was going to finish my education, do whatever he wanted want me to do but at the same time I love acting. Acting is always what I’ve always wanted to do even when I was in secondary school. It has always been there. So, when I graduated I went into acting.

 How did you get to meet him?

I met him in 2009 when I went to a location I think with the late Moji Olaiya. I saw him and I went to him. I told him I was a big fan and that I will like to join him. He then said he does not have a caucus in Lagos that his school is in Abeokuta. That was how it all started.

 Did you go living in Abeokuta then?

No. I usually go for rehearsals every Wednesday. And I may come back that day if it’s not late or next.

 Is that why you appear more in his movies?

Maybe I should say I make myself available for his movies. He will not call you to say he has a role for you. He is a very disciplined man. So whenever I hear that there’s location in Abeokuta, I would pick my bag go there immediately.

 So you have an automatic slot with him?

Because I am under him. Definitely everyone has a slot so far you make yourself available.

So what has been your experience, I mean, with male folks, male fans, I see a lot of comments on your Instagram page.

It’s not been easy.  Some will call you a snob because most of them do not understand you. I’m not really an outgoing person so whenever they meet me, we just greet and move from there. Most want to create a relationship which I am not ready for.

 Is that why they say you’re a snub? Don’t you want to make friends?

Not that I don’t want to make friends. It’s just my nature and at the same time, they don’t understand. Okay, you want to take a picture with me and you want to hold me and we are outside. I mean it’s not okay at all.

 How do you reply your male admirers without knocking them off?

I don’t always know what to say and I don’t want to be rude. So it’s better to ignore.

But what about the male folks in the industry, those who admire and love you? How do manage them, mixing emotions with profession

It depends on how you relate with them. I’ve people who have asked me out in the industry and I turned them down. You hear people say that in the industry they sleep with one another. But it’s what you want. Nobody can force you to do anything in this life. It takes two to tango. So anybody that’s harassed put herself in that position.

Have you been harassed sexually on a movie set, like no sex no role?

Never! At what age?

 How do you manage your fellow ladies- the betrayal, the gossip?

That’s a good question. I am more of an introvert, I don’t really go out. So most times, I have, you know, lovely people around me like my siblings. And most times, I don’t associate more with my mates. I associate with people who are older than I am. They tell me things and put me through about life, so you won’t see me where they are gossiping. I can’t control what people say about me but I can control their perception of me. Anybody that gossips about me it’s their choice, but you won’t see me gossiping about people because I won’t put myself in that situation. So you don’t just say anything about me. That doesn’t mean I don’t go to party.

 You just came back from traveling from Ibadan and tomorrow you’re going on a movie set, Wednesday in Abeokuta, how do you balance this with the family life?

Well, my people understand the kind of job I do and they understand me.

 Are you married?

No, but soon.

The relationship between my boss and I, Odunlade, is that of a boss and subordinate. I’ve known him for like over 10 years now

How do you find time to relax with your busy schedules, movie location and everything?

Most times I take two days off or a week and travel out of the country.

What else do you do aside from acting?

There are other things I will be doing in the future. I’m a business person. Let’s see how things unfold.

It is often perceived that Yoruba movies are local and English is ‘posh’ and English actors make more money than Yoruba actors.

It is because they shoot their own films in English. There’s nothing spectacular about them and they can see us as razz people. Most of their productions are low budget productions. All those ones they did in Onitsha. They don’t have storylines. We do. Yorubas believe in helping one another. Feature in mine and I will feature in yours which doesn’t happen in English Nollywood movies.

Yoruba movie industry is always based on relationships which is killing the business aspect of the industry. It’s one of the things I’m not happy about. You call me for a role and you want to pay me 200k for a role I should collect like 1million for. It’s not nice. And if I agree to do it for 200k that means I will call you to do mine for me for that amount.

So professionally the English part of the industry has the edge

They are not doing anything spectacular. We have a better story line. But we need to invest. They are investing their money in it. That is all they are doing. Absolutely, nothing else. So we need to cut our low budget productions. If you want to produce like five films in a year, reduce it to two or one, put your money together and produce that just one film and make it a standard one.

I’ve not seen any Yoruba movie in the cinema yet.

There are Yoruba movies in cinema. Yes. Some Southwest cinemas take it from us but if it’s not like 70% English and 30% Yoruba, some cinemas like Silverbird will not accept it from you.

You’re planning on working on cinema movie. Would you be producing a full length Yoruba movie?

Most definitely. I won’t want to do that because even this life, you have to mix both Yoruba and English together.

Are you a twin because people call you Ejire?

Yes, I am. I have a twin sister. We look alike but not very identical.

Are you bringing her into the movie industry?

No. She’s not interested. People say I’m shy, but she’s more shy. She knows what I do but she can’t be part of it. But she supports.

Why don’t you use the name Taiwo, why Eniola?

She has her own name. I’m Taiwo, she’s Kenny. She’s Lolade and I’m Eniola. People know us.

American Man Adopts His Nigerian Wife’s Surname “Ekundayo”


An American man, identified as Howard Sueing III Ekundayo, has adopted his Nigerian wife’s surname, Ekundayo, and he intends passing it on to his future children.

Howard, whose Twitter bio reveals is an Engineering Manager at Netflix, tweeted on Sunday that he recently got married to a Nigerian woman, Bukky Ekundayo, and that he was changing his surname to hers, so they could pass it on to their children.

He tweeted!

“I recently got married! I’m replacing my birth surname/suffix (Sueing III) with @SimplyBukks‘s (Ekundayo) so that we can pass it on to our future children. “Ekundayo” means “to turn tears to joy” in Yoruba. (sic)”

See a screenshot of his tweet below:-

Howard has already changed his name on Twitter to reflect his new surname and his decision has been well received by the Nigerian Twitter community.

Checkout The List Of Music Stars That Will Perform At AFRIMA 2019


The All African Music Awards AFRIMA is scheduled to take place on Thursday 21 November by 6 pm at the Agege National Stadium, Lagos State, Nigeria.

According to the reports, artistes from the five regions in Africa will perform alongside African artistes in diaspora among others.

The organizers of the event revealed that the Agege National Stadium was chosen as the venue in order to give people at the grassroots the opportunity to see their favorite artiste perform live on stage.

It was also reported that 38 superstars are billed to perform.

Below is the list of the Superstars,
1. Tiwa Savage
2. Sauti Sol from Kenya
3. Nasty C from South Africa
4. Stonebwoy from Ghana
5. Teniola, the Entertainer
6. Aminux from Morocco
7. Pasuma Wonder
8. Toofan from Togo
9. Fireboy
10. Saheed Osupa
11. Master KG
12. Awilo Longomba from Congo
13. 9ice
14. Sho Madjozi
15. Rayvanny from Tanzania
16. Daphne from Cameroon
17. Anna Jone from Angola
18. Kanvee Adams from Liberia
19. 2Face
20. Ycee
21. Rudeboy
22. Small Doctor
23. Skiibi
24. Niniola
25. Falz
26. DJ Spinall
27. Mr. P
28. DJ Cuppy
29. Fireboy
30. Atawewe
31. Harrysong
32. Q.dot
33. Obesere
34. Slimcase,
35. Mr. Reel
36. Mayorkun
37. Reminisce, and
38. DJ Neptune

Do2dtun Slams Daddy Freeze Over Comment On Busola Dakolo


OAP Do2dtun has attacked Daddy Freeze who recently advised rape victims to hold their peace unless they have a good story.

Freeze stated this in reaction to the judgement by a court in Abuja which threw out the rape case filed by Busola Dakole against Biodun Fatoyinbo.

Meanwhile, COZA Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo has reacted to the Federal High Court ruling which threw away the rape case filed against him by Busola Dakolo.

The case was dismissed with the court basing it on being empty and inspired by sentiments.

Reacting to the victory, Fatoyinbo issued the below statement:

“The victory is of the Lord. We dedicate it to those who stand by us. The victory belongs to God not to me or COZA. We will not share in His glory. The enemies are after the Church and not after me per se.

“They only used me as a scapegoat to launch the attacks. We know that faithful is He who has called us.

“I salute the courage and the support of my beautiful and godly wife, my lovely children, members of COZA family and those who stand by us.

“May God be praised in your life. I bear no grudge against those who were used by the adversary of the Church but instead, I pray for them that we should come together to fight the common enemies of the Church.

“My soul goes to men who are wrongly accused and women who are or have been abused. May God heal the wounds of everyone of us in Jesus Name”.

See OAP Do2dtun’s post below:-

Sue Me Or Shut Up – Tuface Tells Blackface


Nigerian singer Tuface has reacted to Blackface’s continuous threat of suing him on-air and via social media.

The ex-band member of defunct Plantashun Boiz who is celebrating his 20 years on stage anniversary alleged that what Blackface has done so far is to engage in a smear campaign.

Tuface told newsmen that his former bandmate has a problem but no one knows what the problem is.

He said “Let me put it like this, you just go on air and start spinning lies. I have never said or done anything bad to Blackface, but he just goes on air and starts lying all the time because he wants to spread hate. It is a smear campaign.

“He keeps saying he is going to sue me, so I am saying sue me! You know say I no thief your song, you just want people to hate me. Stop the nonsense. Anytime he comes on air, ask him ‘wetin im do wey make me sue am? Ask am whether I no write am a letter before say guy stop this thing, I did not steal your song’. What have I done to him? He just hates me. It has become an obsession and it is not healthy for him anymore and there is nothing I can say or do to help his dilemma, so I don’t know. It is not like I am giving up, but it is all up to him now. He has to free himself from that bondage.

“Everyday, he keeps digging himself into this mess and now he has kids growing up. It is unfortunate. Before I was quiet but he is always blabbing. Had I taken it seriously from the beginning, we wouldn’t be here today.

Legally, I have done my own bit, so I don’t have anything to tell him. The funny thing is that he has a problem but nobody knows what the problem is. So, if you will not sue me then shut up!

Stop killing yourself; it is becoming too embarrassing. I can’t get him arrested and sent to a psychiatric hospital, so please, people around him should talk to him.”

Oscar-Winning Actress Mo’Nique Sues Netflix For Pay Discrimination


Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique on Thursday filed a pay discrimination lawsuit against Netflix, alleging the streaming giant offered her less money than it did to white and male performers because she is a black woman.

Mo’Nique, also a singer and comedian, said in the lawsuit that a proposed $500,000 fee from Netflix in 2018 to make a stand-up comedy special was a “discriminatory low-ball offer.”

“I had a choice to make: I could accept what I felt was pay discrimination or I could stand up for those who came before me and those who will come after me,” she said in an Instagram post.


See her post below…

Fans hail Teni, Frank Edoho for new ‘Billionaire’ video


Fans have continued to praise singer Teni Akpata and veteran television host, Frank Edoho for the newly released video for ‘Billionaire’.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the video, which was released on Thursday, quickly garnered positive response as fans described the concept as nostalgic.

Starring cameos from comedian, Broda Shaggi, ‘Billionaire’ video is a parody of defunct hit television show, ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’.

Appearing as ‘Who Wants to Be a Billionaire’ in the video, Edoho returned to host, reining in his legendary hosting skills and the suspense he earned the limelight with.

In the video, Teni sits as a contestant, playing to win one billion while her song plays in the background.

Set in the 90s, the TG Omori-directed flick also featured actress, Tina Mba and a host of extras who played Teni’s support club and cheering as she won.

Since the video’s premiere, fans have taken to social media to commend the return of Edoho to host as parody of his hit show as well as Broda Shaggi’s hilarious take on the winning question.

@Ugbedeojo wrote, “Teni’s ‘Billionaire’ video is so nice. I love the part where Frank Edoho hosted ‘Who Wants to Be a Billionaire.”

@HeroNation tweeted, “The video is my video of the year. Thank you for this song. Great video concept and thanks for bringing back the good old days memories of Frank Edoho.”

@Omotola said, “Mad concept. Broda Shaggi was crazy as usual and thanks for bringing back the boss, Frank Edoho. The best always remains the best.”

@Zinnivibes wrote, “The concept is mad. Using one of our best all time television shows as the setting required a lot of creativity. Nice one.”

Tonto Dikeh And Bobrisky In War Of Words Over Bra Size


Self-acclaimed male Barbie, Bobrisky in his recent post on Instagram, revealed that he shares the same bra size with Tonto Dikeh and that she has ‘codedly’ taken him for an ass surgery.

The crossdresser said this while reacting to the post which she made earlier about him, while referring to the male Barbie as ‘him’.

As we all know, Bobrisky hates being referred to as a ‘he’ or anything likened to a male. He enjoys being called a ‘fine girl’. Tonto Dikeh made the mistake today and Bobrisky has called her out.

In his words;

“Can everybody help me warn dis @tontolet girl 😂. We use d same bra size and you are still using him for me 🙄🙄🙄. You carry me go do ass surgery coded you are still calling me him.

As for you my second bestie @anitajoseph8 you also confirm me as him CHINEKE !!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 am coming to Nigeria soon to deal with you. See as tonto cast me. I work hard so let me spend my money on bags and shoes biko”

See a screenshot of his post below:-

I Will Come For You One Day And I Will Put Out Dirty Facts About You – Okoro Blessing Tells Ifu Ennada As They Clash On Instagram


There is yet another brewing fight on Instagram and it is between relationship expert, Okoro Blessing and Ifu Ennada.

Okoro Blessing accused the reality show star of “having a sharp mouth and trolling” over an undisclosed issue.

She also warned that she is an extremist and will definitely come for Ifu Ennada one day with all dirty facts about her being put out.

However firing back at the relationship expert, Ifu Ennada dared her to put out dirty facts she claims to have about her.

She further alleged that she made a “mistake” and everyone now wants to ride on the wave.

See Chat Below:

I GO LOVE O!! After Weeks Of Speculations, Singer Peruzzi Confirms His Relationship With Ceec


Following so many speculations about singer Peruzzi and former BBnaija housemate Cee C.

The DMW artists confirm his relationship with Cee C referring to her as the main inspiration of his work.

He shared a screenshot of their video call with the caption:

Battery Recharged! 😂  Back To Work.

Forever Coverved. 🖤

See The Post Below;

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‘Critics have become absurd’ – Toyin Abraham


Actress/producer Toyin Abraham has called on Nigerians to ignore negative people. Toyin, who recently launched her herbal products, noted that critics were no longer appreciated because most of them do it for fun and not to add value to people.

“We can’t always control the people or circumstances in our lives. But we can always change our reactions towards them. Even at your best, someone will always have something negative to say,” she said.

“Critics have become absurd just because people now do it for fun. And most of them try to expose what’s wrong about you because they can’t handle what’s right about you.

“Forgetting everybody is fighting their own unique war. Just focus on who you are and don’t entertain any negativity directed at you by others. People have a right to their opinion and you have a right to ignore it.

“Accept criticism if you think it’s reasonable, as it takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow. However, do not get distracted by the criticism of people who don’t know how to cook but tells you your food needs salt,” she urged.

She urged Nigerians to refuse to ‘open your mind to other people’s trash. When people throw stones at you, it’s because you’re loaded with fruits. So, throw them your fruits so the seeds of yourself may inspire them to change their ways. The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become. Ignore negativity till they fade away!’

Toyin, who is married to Kolawole Adeyemi, began acting in 2003.



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