Laylizzy – On The Road

As officially announced by Geobek Records on the last day of October that Laylizzy’s next single is set to drop on the 2 nd of November 2016, the time has come for Laylizzy to take you ON THE ROAD.

During interviews, Laylizzy always speaks of the significance of versatility as a musician and how he can adapt to pretty much any music in as much as he is described as a hip hop artist. His new single, “On the road” depicts just that.

Produced by KC (who is a young music producer from Mozambique),’On the road’ is a song that outlines issues that arise in relationships with artists that are constantly on the hustle, touring and spending time on the road. Laylizzy is on the road, getting paid, but still needs a loyal girl when he comes back home from his tour. Giving the fans and supporters of his music the best of both worlds, Laylizzy delivers his lines in both Portuguese and English. Quoting the first verse, “Uuuhhh espera por mim babe… uuuhhh yea eu faco mola por ti babe” which when translated into English simply means, “Wait for me babe… I make money for you babe.”

After hearing this one, it’s entirely up to the ladies now to decide if they’ll be good being Becky with the good hair or if they’ll be the Beyonce.



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