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Today’s hang out is with a talented Nigeria Artiste by name luvINC.

Below is the interview between ShanTeran, the CEO & President of SeenowTV and luvINC.

ShanTeran: Welcome to Hang Out With SeenowTV

luvINC: Thank you.

ShanTeran: Could you please tell me about yourself?

luvINC: My name is Iwunoh Nonso Christopher, a Nigerian from the capital city of Asaba, Delta State. The last of five children, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the recently named J.S Tarka University (formerly the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi Benue State), a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), a chattered accountant (in view) but most dearly an aspiring afro-pop sensation known by the name luvINC.

ShanTeran: What drew you to the music industry?

luvINC: I have always been drawn to entertainment from an early age, my grandmother was a professional igbo highlife recording artist before she passed away, my uncle Mr. JaJa Iwunoh is presently an igbo highlife musician and so i think its more of a family thing. However, right from when i was younger, i have always liked writing love poems and also art related works. In addition to the great achievements and motivation drawn from legends of our time like 2face, duncan mighty, burna boy and the likes(to mention a few), my passion for using art as a tool for communication and teaching drew me into the music industry.

ShanTeran: Who are you inspired by?

luvINC: I have drawn inspiration from alot of great arts but to mention those i hold dear to my heart i will say: 2face, Duncan mighty, Burna Boy, kenny G, Westlife.

ShanTeran: Please explain your creative process?

luvINC: I start with a positive mindset looking up to God for inspiration (faith), i listen to the (instrumental) which should connect to my (mind) already prepared to search for the message, and once all three are in unison, i get creative🙂.

ShanTeran: What’s an average day like for you?

luvINC: Busy!; it takes real effort and God’s grace to keep pushing forward each day to achieve ones dream.

ShanTeran: Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

luvINC: Yes!…art always has different viewpoints and meanings to respective individuals…a line from my first official single titled FEELINGS says….”my Ex is calling, she is calling the wrong line, i mix the cement i block her, this was one of the interesting word plays of the song but it actually has a real meaning to me as this was me actually acknowledging that i am happy in my present relationship and that i have no regrets.

ShanTeran: Do you collaborate with others?

luvINC: Yes!..music is a way of collaboration to bring forth art. I collaborate with music producers who make the beats and sound engineers who balance output. For now as an upcoming artist i am yet to collaborate with other artists but cant wait to do as i know it will be fun.

ShanTeran: Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans?

luvINC: For now, i choose not to think i have fans yet but friends and family. On this note, its fun because i can still respond to every comment on my Instagram feed, i am able to get firsthand encouragement and motivation from people i know personally or from a distance. Its really been a thing of joy to know that people appreciate my lyrics and can vibe to my works…i also want to use this medium to appreciate all my guys who i regard as the foundation of luvINC; kola, daniel, expo, bunmi, ife, tboi, nedu, noah, jerry and a very long list of others. BIG THANKS

ShanTeran: What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? Why?

luvINC: My favorite part of music, is the opportunity it gives me to “express” and “share” my own little opinions on different subject matters to the whole world in my own way. I thinks that is a beautiful thing. My least favorite would be the uncertainty that comes with the “crown” as to who much is given much is expected.

ShanTeran: Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

luvINC: Oh yes! every individual has fears and most times always anxious of an expected outcome. I deal with performance anxiety every time i have something important to do, just as i am now with this interview from SeenowTV..but i think the most important thing is to believe in yourself always to help stay calm and conquer whatever task you have in front of you.

ShanTeran: Tell me about your favorite performance venues?

luvINC: For now i can say my favorite performance venue would be Folixx lounge at Lekki, Lagos State Nigeria. Courtesy of Shades of laughter 3.0 by MC Makopolo…it was awesome performing FEELINGS by luvINC and connecting to alot of my friends and family who am sure were proud of me after the heartfelt performance. I have clips pf that on my instagram feed also @iam_luvINC on Instagram.

ShanTeran: What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

luvINC: Interesting question!…for now i would say do not follow me yet as i am still on a search for that right path. Hopefully and by Gods grace in few years when i am sure of were my footsteps have brought me, then i would confidently be able to give an advice on the subject of following the right path.

ShanTeran: can we have your social media handles

luvINC: Iam_luvINC on instagram and twitter and luvINC official on facebook.

ShanTeran: Are you married or single?

luvINC: I am not married but in a relationship.

ShanTeran: You have answered the next questions . Why the hurry? A lot of artiste will want to avoid the question? She must be lucky

luvINC: Well! If i get you right, i believe your questions deserve sincere answers and even more importantly the luvINC brand is centered on love; so i think i cant preach love if i am shying away from the very subject. Nevertheless, on a lighter note, yes! she is lucky..😛

ShanTeran: Ladies you have heard it, he is not single and probably not searching. We have a responsible artiste here… Thank you luvINC for your time, I appreciate

luvINC: Thank you very much for this opportunity, i sincerely commend your interview platform and also add that the questions were spot on and really interesting.i had a really good time..Big thanks to your entire team..God bless you…#one love #NGGPP #luvINC

Below is his songs:



You can also listen to luvINC – ROOTS (THE MIXTAPE) whcih was released in early 2017  Click Here to Listen




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