Mr Latin inducted into Ibadan Film Circle

Mr Latin inducted into Ibadan Film Circle

Nollywood actor and President of the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPPAN) Otunba Bolaji Amusa, a.k.a Mr Latin has been inducted into the Ibadan Film Circle (IFC).

Mr Latin was inducted into IFC as a Honorary Member of the group which has filmmakers, film critics and scholars as members. The IFC has in the past five years earned a reputation as promoters and police of ethics, quality, and professionalism in the Nigerian film industry.

The ceremony was held at the Senior Staff Club of the University of Ibadan on Saturday, March 14, 2020, and had a selected crowd of Yoruba film practitioners, University lecturers and Ibadan Film Circle members in attendance.

In his short speech after the investiture, Amusan said he feels ‘humbled and highly honored to be chosen by IFC.’

The actor and producer further said IFC is ‘an organization I have high respect for, run by people whose personal reputations and work output in this industry have been sources of inspiration to me for years.’

Amusan also pledged to renew his commitment to supporting the visionary ventures of IFC towards pushing Nigerian cinema onto higher grounds.

Award-winning film writer/director and Convener of IFC, Niji Akanni, noted that membership is normally a mildly rigorous protocol of being nominated by a current member; after which background checks will be conducted on the nominee to ascertain his/her artistic pedigree and personal integrity.

Upon satisfactory reports from these steps, the new member is then simply introduced to the family of filmmakers, critics, and scholars first in the virtual, online meeting forum and later at the group’s monthly physical get together.

Niji Akanni, however, disclosed that: “All these protocols have been waived for Otunba Bolaji Amusan and he stands here today as a man of history, being the first person to be ceremonially invested with the coveted membership of Ibadan Film Circle in the organization’s five-year lifespan so far.”


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