Nola Adé – Good Feelin


Nola Adé is a Chicago singer who has absorbed the rich musical heritage of both her hometown and her Nigerian heritage, and turned it into her own uniquely positive music. Nola has been described as possessing “an indefatigable faith in love”. That’s a pretty heady description, and one that goes against much of the negativity that has crept into modern music.

Nola has now released another wonderful single titled ”Good Feelin”. It describes that time when your heart is soaring from love that you can feel it “down in my soul.” Combining her expressive vocals with clever beats, the young singer has continued the ascent we felt was in front of her when we first heard her a couple years ago.Listen to “Good Feelin’” Produced by MetroBeatz and keep your eye out for more from Nola Adé.


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