Nigerian Artistes Who Speak Bad About The Headies Are Hypocrites (A Must Read)


The Headies is the most prestigious award in Nigeria and till tomorrow, used as yardstick for the success of Nigerian artistes.

Even though there are many faults from the organizers, most of these while still unknown in the industry were always present at the event.

Fast forward till today, Nigerian artistes are not only boycotting the event, they are also derogating the event with their choice of words on Social Media.

Most of these singers take offense in the headies when they, or perhaps their favorites refuse to clinch a particular award.

Almost all the big names in the industry are receivers of one of more awards from the show and they have visited either in person or by representation.

It is worthy to note that no artiste is bigger than The Headies, even Wizkid who is one of the biggest figures in the industry today was a receiver of the Next Rated award in The Headies, and it was one of the greatest highlights of his career.

However, Naira Marley‘s assertion of Zlatan‘s Legwork being greater than The Headies 2019 is very immature and the confirmation of such tweet from Wizkid shouldn’t have come from a big star like the Starboy.

Headies as the biggest Award show for any musical act in Nigeria do not mandate anyone to visit but speaking against the event shouldn’t come from any artiste if truly they aim to move the industry forward.

There’s no award show in the WORLD with flawlessness up to 100%. The Headies needs more support from Nigerian singers more than hate.

I hope one day we realize we are the ones who can project our own products to the outter world and whatever we call it would be accepted by others.

Do You Also Agree Nigerian Musicians Should Stop Speaking Bad About The Headies?

Drop Your Honest Opinion In The Comments Below.


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