People who shout in church are selfish – Vector

Vector - People who shout in church are selfish

Rapper turned actor, Vector Tha Viper has stated that people who shout in Church are selfish.

According to him, the reason why they are selfish is that they want God to hear them first.

Vector Tha Viper tweeted: “Why the hell do people shout in church believing God would hear them more. If anything, it shows how selfish we are cos the volume increases mostly cos the individual vuvuzela wants “God” to answer him/her first. That! My brethren isn’t Christian. That’s competition”.

The rapper recently opened up on how he gradually switched from rapping to singing because of his background as a choir boy.

While I was growing up, the experience I had was helpful because I didn’t listen to rap music alone. I was a proper choir boy. And at a point, I thought it was high time I exhibited that other part of me.

When I wanted to make tribute music for the people and place where I grew up, I knew I needed to do what they would understand and relate to better.

The truth is that most people living in Lafiaji, Lagos Island, are more interested in highlife, fuji and juju music. So, it was only right for me to make music they would understand since the album was dedicated to them.


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