Samzy: Why I left the US to do music in Nigeria


Talented singer, Samuel Osamudiamen, aka Samzy, completed his university degree in the United States of America but returned to Nigeria to do music. In this interview, he said his parents did not kick against his decision despite spending money to obtain a degree in the US. Our correspondent, OSAGIE OTABOR, was present there.

Why did you venture into music?

I have always loved music, the sounds, melodies, beats and all of that. They always just interests me. So it is only right to do what I love and be involved with it. I want to be able to channel my feelings and emotions to my people. I have always been doing music just because I love to. I have not really put my music in a platform where I have to make money. This will be my first project. Money isn’t the main thing. Of course, anything that brings joy is accepted.

 What are Nigerians expecting from you?

I will be dropping my album soon, which is just a compilation of a few of my songs. They should definitely expect something good, iconic and different from what they have been used to.

How did your parents take your decision? 

My parents are based in Nigeria but they always visit America. They have been supportive of all I do and I don’t plan to do crazy things too. All they wanted from me is to finish my university education and I obtained my degree in December. They are happy about it, but right now, it is about me doing what I love to do. Professionally, I started doing music in 2015. It has not been easy but I am growing every day. Even though I’m yet to drop an official single, I have been doing backup for artistes in the US.

 Why not do music in the US?

I have what it takes to compete in the Nigerian music industry. I was born for this, trust me. I have been waiting for this moment all my life. I didn’t just wake up one day and wanted to do music. I have been working on different aspects of my life so as to be a better musician. I want to contribute my quota to the development of my state of origin, Edo State, and Nigeria as a whole. I came back home because I see myself as a Nigerian and my country comes first to me before any other thing. Music in America is on a different level. I want to introduce the sound into Nigerian music. I want to do something good for my state and country.

 What kind of music are you going to do?

Naturally, I love hip hop music, trap music and all that. But as a Nigerian, I still I have to support that African sound, which is Afro beats. You can call it Afro-Trap, which is basically trap music and afro beats together. I believe that’s the new wave and it will take over.

 When is it coming out?

My team in the United States, Nigeria and some in other countries are working tirelessly to make sure the project drops between December and January. We haven’t really fixed a certain date yet. We are focused on finishing the songs, some videos and promotional activities for now. But once it is known, I will definitely let all of you know.

 Who is your role model?

My role model is myself. I look up to myself a lot and I believe in my ability. But as for people that I like in the music Industry, there is a lot, so I cannot really mention all of them. But I do like Drake, J Cole, Future for sure, Lil durk, Wizkid, Davido, Maleek Berry, Rema, Burna Boy and Lil Mosey.

 How do you tackle the issue of piracy in the country?

I definitely hope the Nigerian music or media department tackle piracy because it is a big issue. It is bad because it is just like stealing from someone. Artists put all their energy, time, money into projects and no one should take their benefits from them. It should be stopped.


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