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“So… crazy story regarding how this came together… I had an idea to write something like this for the longest time but I never had the beat to inspire the lyrics until one day I was listening in on Kid Fonque’s show. He ended the show with a particular instrumental entitled “Swahililand” produced by Seige Monstracity – has produced for Busta Rhymes, Tyrese, Lil Wayne, YG, David Banner, Dr. Dre, Diggy Simmons and I looked him up along with the project (Seige Monstracity) that contains the instrumental and I thought to myself would it be too much to ask him to freestyle on one of his beats in that project.

I figured what’s there to lose, the worst that can happen is that he’ll say “NO” so I hit him up on twitter and to my surprise he was cool with it, he even redirected me to his soundcloud which contained a whole lot more instrumentals but my interest was obviously “Swahililand” which is now – after putting my words on there – titled “Enslaved God”.

The song in a nutshell touches on the evolution of the concept of God and our collective relationship to “him”, the word, the concept and what effect it has on our lives.” – ShabZi Madallion


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