Victor Osuagwu’s daughter shares his epic throwback photos from movie scenes

Victor Osuagwu’s daughter shares his epic throwback photos from movie scenes

For most young Nigerians, growing up in the 00s, Nollywood veteran, Victor Osuagwu —alongside other comic icons like, John Okafor (Mr Ibu), Sam Loco-Efe, Charles Awurum and others— were one of the sources of happiness and pure laughter on our TV screens.

You can only imagine how nostalgic one will be when we get to see throwback photos from some of these movies that made us crack our ribs back then.

Daughter of Nigerian comic actor, Victor Osuagwu, Angel, a delightful young lady has us feeling totally nostalgic when she recently took to her Twitter page to share throwback photos of the actor; some photos of the funny characters her dad had played in movies — characters that most of us will be familiar with.

According to Angel, she stumbled on some of the photos while going through their family album and decided to share the photos on social media — in no time, the photos went viral as it left so many people nostalgic about the actor’s comical characters that made them laugh while growing up.

People took to replying the photos and telling Angel to thank her dad for making their childhood awesome with his comic movies — some called him a legend, some said he’s underrated… all in all, a lot of people were elated to see the photos.

We celebrate the comic actor too for gracing our screens and being the source of many families’ delight.

Check out some of the throwbacks below,


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