Warren G Biography and Net Worth – Family, Album, Awards & Facts

Warren G Biography and Net Worth - Family, Album, Awards & Facts

This article contains the biography and net worth of Warren G. This is including facts about his family, an album released, TV shows featured in, Awards, and others.

Warren G. who bears Warren Graffin III officially is an African American rapper, record producer, songwriter, and actor. He sings and is known for his contributions to the G-funks sounds of hip-hop. He is also known for assisting the West Coast raps with the 1990 accent.

The 50 years old rapper is currently married to Tenille Graffin with 4 children. Continue to read the biography and net worth of Warren G. to learn more about his music career and life history.

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Family Background and Education

Warren Graffin III who is popularly referred to as Warren G. by fans was born on November 10, 1970. He was born in Long Beach city in California’s Los Angeles.

He was born by Warren Graffin Snr. (father) who was an airplane mechanic and his mother, Ola who is a dietitian. He was raised as the only son with 3 sisters; Felicia, Tracia, and Mitzi by their mother.

This was because his parents divorced when he was just 4 years old. Since then, Warren G. lives with his mother in the East of Long Beach until he started middle school.

His father re-married another woman, Verni who had 3 children from her previous marriage. Among those children was Dr. Dre, his music mentor and popular rapper.

In 1982, he went ahead to live with his father in the North of Long Beach, when he was a Jordan High School student. At this time is when Dr. Dre started rapping at the DJ crew while he was playing football with mates.

Apart from Jordan High School, Warren G. also attended Centennial High School in 1988. At the age of 17 years old, he was sentenced and jailed for a short term for having a gun. After his release, he started developing likeness for music.

Dr. Dre, his step-brother also plays an important part in the likeness as he taught him how to use a drum machine. After he graduated from high school, he was sentenced to jail again. This time, it was for selling drugs to make ends meet. His step-brother by this time has started leading a record label at Ruthless Record.

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Music Career

After finishing serving his jail term, Warren G started pursuing his musical career. He formed a rap group with his two teenage friends; Nathaniel Hale (who goes by the stage name Nate Dogg) and Calvin Broadus(who is referred to as Snoop Dogg).

They started a rap group together in Oakland Studio in a VIP store, which they named 213. This is where they started practicing and recording songs. It was from those practices, they made a demo tape. Warren G with the agreement of others tried to get the tape across to Dr. Dre but was unable to.

They dismissed that strategy after many unsuccessful attempts and start distributing the Demo tape copies around. This was done to get noticed by record labels but it was also futile. They later call Dr. Dre again after which Warren G was able to meet him.

They met at Dr. Dre’s friend’s bachelor party where the latter was able to access the content of the tape. It’s with this act, he was able to introduce his two friends to Dr. Dre. Meeting his step-brother plays a huge role in catapulting his two friends to their stardom.

They move to Dr. Dre’s house to enable them to practice well. Warren G also gets to help him in his first solo album which he titled “The Chronic”. Dr. Dre also features Snoop Dogg (as bears on stage that time) on his single Deep Cover as a track guest. As a result of this collaboration with Dr. Dre and the timely release of his first album, he rose to fame and became popular.

His other friend Nate Dogg also got signed to his record label, Death Row Record. But for Warren G., he continues searching for his stardom.

Meanwhile, in 1993, he met with one of Dr. Dre’s friends while still with him; John Singleton(the director of Boyz in the Hood). He produced a soundtrack for him for his upcoming movie titled “Poetic Justice” at that time. He also produced Mista Grimm’s song “Indo Smokes” featuring Nate Dogg which produced a lot of commercial success.

It was because of these, that he got signed into a record label where he released his first album. He produced his first album; “Regulate” with Nate Dogg in 1994. The song made a remarkable commercial success with over half a million copies sold. It got certified Gold at the time of release and also remains in the top 49 on the Billboard chart within the first 3 weeks of release.

In 1995, he also released another single titled “DJ”. This also made remarkable success. It is also sold more than half a million copies with a Grammy nomination twice. He also released his second album titled “Take A Look Over Your Shoulder” and “I Want It All” in October 1999.

Even after the release of other subsequent albums, “Take A Look Over Your Shoulder” and “I Want It All” remains at Gold certification. And none of those subsequent albums have been able to beat it. He later released his fourth album titled “The Return of the Regulator” in December 2001 with the collaboration of George Clinton; G-funk godfather. He later released his other albums at different times; “In the Mid-Nite Hour” in October 2005 and G-Flies in September 2009.

He features also in Snoop Dogg’s 2nd album which he titled Tha Doggfather. Also collaborated with other long beach associates in producing “Conversation” and “This Is The Shack”. Warren G. has also collaborated with a lot of other artists including E-40, Too Short, Jeezy, Bun B, Tha Dogg Pound, RBX, Kurupt, Eve, Slick Rick, Jermaine Dupri, and others.

Warren G is seen to be romantic by fans unlike other G-funk rapper because of his simpler voice, modest rap lyrics, and tone. Apart from being a G-funk rapper, Warren G has also featured in many movies and TV shows.

Some of those movies include;

  • The Show in 1995
  • Speedway Junky in 1999
  • Both the Little Richard and the Parkers in 2000
  • Old School in 2003
  • All of Us in 2005
  • BTS American Hustle Life in 2014
  • The Eric Andre Show in 2016

Some games he also featured in includes;

  • Volume One of Rap Jam in 1995
  • Fight for NY of Def Jam in 2004

Personality and Family

Warren G. is married with 4 children to his wife, Tenille Graffin. One of his children Olaijah Graffin gains recognition on the football field in 2018.

As Warren Graffin started growing older, he started participating actively and loving cooking and storytelling. A trait that was said to be inherited from his father. He also plays a big role in maintaining morals and fun in his family.

Warren Graffin launched a Barbecue sauce restaurant which he named Sniffin Graffin BBQ.

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Warren G’s Albums

Without mentioning the albums he produced, Warren G’s biography and net worth won’t be completed. Below is a full list of his albums.

  • Regulate(G-Funk Era) released in 1994
  • Take a Look Over Your Shoulder released in 1997
  • I Want It All in 1999
  • The Return of the Regulator in 2001
  • The Hard Way with the 213 groups in 2004
  • In the Mid-Nite Hour in 2005
  • The G Files in 2009
  • Regulate(G-Funk Era) Pt. II in 2015

Awards and Recognition

Warren G has a lot of fans even among people with different languages like french. This is because of his songs’ melody which is pleasing to ears.

He has been nominated twice for Grammy Awards even though he didn’t win any and also the MTV awards and this made him one of the richest celebrities in the world.

Net Worth

Warren G. Net worth is currently estimated as $10 million, his houses, cars and other assets remain undisclosed. No doubt, he isn’t an average musician or rapper as he has a lot of fans and living well.


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