What The Hell Is Tiwa Savage Talking About?


A couple of days ago, former Mavin Records ‘first lady’, Tiwa Savager chose to come on Twitter to share what was on her mind. As an artist, (considering how big she is) it is only expected that she carries her fans along on her social media pages.

Here’s exactly what Tiwa Savage said that really caught my attention.

Growing up I didn’t see many brown skin women to look up to, we changing that narrative now ❤️👑⚔️.

First of all, considering what I saw in her comment section, not a lot of people saw anything wrong with what she said. I can totally understand this on different grounds, mostly being sentimental reasons.

Secondly, saying she didn’t ‘see many brown skin women to look up to’ made her look blind or oblivious. I mean, how could she have uttered such frivolity?

However, that tweet in question has an undertone that I find very disrespectful for quite a number of reasons. Considering Tiwa Savage’s background, (educationally and socially) it is only expected that she should know quite a number of ‘brown (black) skin’ women who left indelible imprints in the sands of time. I will mention a few of them very soon.

Again, that tweet was uncalled for as she was immediately perceived as someone who is beginning to have an over-bloated ego. Well, quite a number of people could easily argue that her ego (if that were the case) is well-deserved.

There’s a popular maxim that says ‘give honor to whom honor is due’. That being said, her tweet, in my opinion, was very insolent to all ‘brown’ women in education, music, lifestyle, politics, activism, just to mention a few.

Here’s what Huffington Post in its article titled “35 Queens Of Black History Who Deserve Much More Glory” wrote “Black history lessons in classrooms shouldn’t be limited to the names of men and only a few women, especially when there are countless women who’ve made enormous strides for the black community.

“The revolutionary words Angela Davis spoke, the record-breaking feats of Wilma Rudolph and the glass-ceiling-shattering efforts of Shirley Chisolm paved the way for black women and girls across the country to dream big and act courageously.”

I strongly recommend this article for Tiwa Savage’s perusal.

For the sake of clarity and to keep this article concise, let’s mention a few popular names as given by a Twitter handler, Professor Donny.

In a sarcastic response to Tiwa’s post, the handler said “Very true. There were no Aretha Franklin, Mary J Blige, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston…there were no Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Miriam Makeba, Christy Essien Igbokwe, Onyeka Onwenu…there no Queen Latifah, Salt n Pepper, Da Brat,..very true.”


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