Hang Out with Ziduak


Today’s hang out is with a talented Upcoming Nigeria Artiste by name Ziduak Fidelis.

ZiduaK Fidelis is native of Akwa-Ibom (Ibibio), a citizen of Nigeria in Africa, resides in Lagos State, Nigeria. She is a Poprap music artiste, a Model and Videographer.

Below is the interview between ShanTeran, the CEO & President of SeenowTV and Ziduak.

ShanTeran: Welcome to Hang Out With SeenowTV

Ziduak: Thank you.

ShanTeran: Could you please tell me about yourself?

Ziduak: Am a Female, who is passionate about financial independence, Finds it as an adventure to explore her creative imaginations through her Craft and love fashion alot.

ShanTeran: What’s is your name?

Ziduak: Ziduak Fidelis.

ShanTeran: Is it also your stage name?

Ziduak: Ziduak.

ShanTeran: Where are you from?

Ziduak: Akwa-Ibom state.

ShanTeran: What got you into music?

Ziduak: First; My passion to expressing my creative imagination. Secondly; My Desire to make a positive impact. Mostly; my Love for music.

ShanTeran: Who inspired you?

Ziduak: My Mom.

ShanTeran: How would you describe your sound?

Ziduak: Heavy and Powerful.

ShanTeran: What is your creative process like?

Ziduak: Different ways:

  • During my meditation moments
  • During witnessing a situation, event, issue that is emotional (positive or negative)
  • When listening to sounds and other music. etc

ShanTeran: Who would you like to collaborate with?

Ziduak: Here in Africa:

  • TuFace
  • Diamond Platinum

Outside Africa:

  • John Legend
  • Kendrick Kamal

ShanTeran: Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Ziduak: Yes.

ShanTeran: How man songs do you have at the moment?

Ziduak: I have 7 songs.

ShanTeran: that is great,  do you have a video?

Ziduak: Yes.

ShanTeran: hope you won’t mind, we play your video on SeenowTV?

Ziduak: I don’t mind you playing my videos. (Two)

ShanTeran: can i have the title of your songs?

Ziduak: – Be that Hero, The Standard, The Ark, 4 Letter Words, 7D, 1 Basket, Da Boss

ShanTeran: whats your favorite song?

Ziduak: All of them are, But Everytime I record a new track; turns out to be my “latest Favorite”

ShanTeran: can we have your social media handles

Ziduak: Yes; FACEBOOK: Ziduak Fidelis, INSTAGRAM: @Ziduak, TWITTER: @Ziduak, KINGSCHAT: Ziduak

ShanTeran: Ziduak thank you very much for this opportunity to have a conversation with you,  I do appreciate

Ziduak: Am also Grateful for your receptive attention

And Opportunity.

Ziduak: Thank you.

Below is her videos:




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